by Hannah Robinson

Spring Is Coming

Topshop Necklace (sale)

So I managed to get out into the sunshine today and my little sis took some pics for me! Todays outfit is quite cheerful and fun, just what you need to get over the wintery coldness.

I love love love this floaty neon top from Topshop. It's such a good statement piece and can be dressed up or down. I styled it with my boyfriend jeans and heeled chelsea boots for more of a dressed up look and really love it!

I've never done my hair like this before but really fancied doing an new undo and when I googled it I thought this one looked easy enough to try! You can't really see in the pictures but I have milkmaid plaits in, which are basically two plaits crossed over and pinned and top of my head. This actually took about 5 mins tops, so I would really recommend this style for anyone who needs a quick updo and doesn't fancy a messy bun or high ponytail, as it looks really pretty aswell!

H x


  1. Ahhh Im so in love with your blog, so many fab pieces xxx
    Charlotte x

  2. Great post, love that top's print! Where did you get your rings from?

    Catherine xx

    1. Thanks chick, I love it too! Em two of them are just from one off jewellers but really weren't very expensive at all. And then one is from pandora, sorry I can't give you the exact places and prices etc, they were all given to me as gifts! xx

  3. Hey hey.
    Lovely pics, you look fantastic with this boots!!
    With love, Bárbara

    1. Thank you lovey! They're so comfy, I literally haven't had them off! xx


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