by Hannah Robinson

Nail Obsessed


So my last post was all about my looove for nail art! I've done quite a lot of different designs recently but couldn't decide which was my fave, so I thought I'd post them all! As you can see I enjoy a floral design but I've been branching out to more technical-ish stuff with check and dogtooth designs and I'm hoping to do more soon in brights and pastels on the lead up to spring! I might try and do a funky Valentine's day nail pattern with hearts and roses maybe??

The one thing that does bother me about nail art is when you get a chip... it's a nightmare to try and match up the design again!! I wonder if investing in a gel kit is worth doing for that reason, but do you get gel nail pens?

Anyway, here is a little selection, hope you guys like them!

Love, Hannah x


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  2. Love them! super creative! might try the tartan pattern! xx


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